Operations Consulting



The cost of operating a restaurant is (seemingly) always on the rise and restaurateurs are constantly under the gun to increase productivity without increasing costs. We consult with you to design and implement custom systems that increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation. 

Guest Satisfaction


A restaurant lives and dies by word of mouth and the information that is passed from consumer to consumer. We consult with you to ensure that you have a service culture that connects with guests and that you're maximizing opportunities to create a positive narrative about your restaurant. 

Staff Retention


A happy staff is a staff that stays and it is up to each individual business to become the employer of choice. The cost of consistently replacing personnel can severely dent an income statement and the resulting revolving door effect can demolish team morale. We consult with you to mold your practices and shape your culture in a positive way that minimizes turnover.  


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It is incredibly difficult for owners and operators to make restaurants popular with consumers and financially successful at the same time. Consulting with an experienced operator to increase productivity, guest satisfaction, and staff retention, can grow your top line without having the bottom fall out of the bottom line.  

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