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Experienced Operator


I have been actively working in the restaurant industry since I was in High School. I worked my way up functioning in various roles and began my professional management career in my early 20's. In my travels I have amassed over 10 years of General Manager experience working for Green Mill, Granite City Food & Brewery, and Parasole Restaurant Holdings (Salut Bar Americain). Most of my experience has involved making restaurants make money, but the greatest education I ever received was opening and closing my own restaurant (Z Italiano). It is now my mission to help other operators learn from my experiences. 

Creative Solutions


I have worked under and learned from some incredible operators over the years and have had my fair share of both success and failure. All of these experiences have afforded me the ability to problem solve at a high level and to understand that a creative solution is always attainable if you are willing to think outside the box and patiently work towards it.

Local Business


Restaurant Agent Z and The Agent Z Group are independent and not part of a franchised recruiting company. I live in Minnesota and work primarily in the Twin Cities market, but I also work with businesses throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. 

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